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President, Catholic Sangji College

CHA HO CHUL (John the Baptist)

Our Catholic Sangji College has served for over half a century. 50 years ago, Sister Celine, Angeline, and Agnes established Sangji College in Andong city where they laid the foundation for the nation's first junior college based on Catholic educational philosophy.
Their initial focus was to provide learning opportunity to the unprivileged locals in Northern Gyeongsang Province.

As we move on to new generation of education, Colleges around the globe are facing great difficulties in the midst of ever changing economy. Members of our school are well aware of the difficulties and striving towards to the path where we can wisely overcome this problem. I will always have these words in mind, Lesson(校訓), sincerity(誠實) and volunteer(奉仕)'. We will make it a learning ground for happiness in life, where each member faithfully fulfills their duties in their respective positions, and nurtures intellectuals who put their neighbors first rather than themselves.

I will always have our school in my heart and my heart resides in Andong city. We will continue to find, consider, and provide programs and ways to live in solidarity with our locals. We will lead in lifelong vocational education through a variety of programs selected by the Ministry of Education. In result, we will make our school a place of learning that receives love and attention from locals as well as others around the globe.

We invite you to the Catholic Sangji College with history and tradition.

Thank you.

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